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I had stole a mobile from someone when I was young and now I feel bad!


I fantasize about this man that works across the street from me. He knows I have kids and I don't want to wear my ring around him because we could actually talk then. But he probably doesn't want anything to do with a divorcing woman with 3 kids. I want him bad.


I like to drive to work naked? Does it bother people if this happens?


My mom gave me so much grief about masturbating when I was 17 that I finally told her if she didn't stop I would do it right in front of her. The very next morning I went to breakfast late and she asked me if I had to masturbate this morning. I walked straight back to my room. I made myself real hard, put on a pair of jogging shorts and went back. She was sitting sideways at the table drinking a cup of coffee. I stood right in front of her and pulled down my shorts. She kind of...

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My mother lays in the back yard in a bikini a lot. There is a sliding door in my room that leads to the back patio. I usually open the door all the the way and stand back by the wall and look at her through the door while I masturbate. I can see mom but she can't see me. As time went on I would stand closer and closer to the door. Two days ago she hollered at me to put some lotion on her back. I was real afraid that she would see my erection but I went...

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I swiped one of the cars in the parking lot of my internship today and it made a white smudge on the other person's car (mine too). Of all the fucking places it could happen, it had to happen there. I tried to wash it off of the other person's car and it seemed to get rid of most of it. I didn't leave a note or anything. I'm just really nervous the person is going to find out who I am and I'm going to get in trouble. I don't want the people at my internship to think I'm...

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i can sense the fakeness in the air when i enter a room . . they’re scared shitless, trying so hard not to look at me but its impossible, i’m dresed in the height of fashion, rick owens bodybag st laurent minx coat, rubber diped flyknits, and a flock of feather necklaces arrayed about my person . . why do i always have to be the realest person in the room? their idea of ‘alt’ is linkin park...greenday...vampire weeknd at best... what am i supposed to say to these people, i whose musical tastes range from young thug to billy...

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i know i can do better


Please come take me away, and let me forever live in my dreams. If not, then at least let David Bowie talk to me randomly while I'm in SoHo this year..........


I miss how people used to write on this website daily. I used to check in and see what was new everyday, but no more. I miss that. I really miss that.