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i know i can do better


Please come take me away, and let me forever live in my dreams. If not, then at least let David Bowie talk to me randomly while I'm in SoHo this year..........


I miss how people used to write on this website daily. I used to check in and see what was new everyday, but no more. I miss that. I really miss that.


I wish my husband could understand what he created - he took a young virgin girl of 18 and exposed her to porn, extreme sex, alcohol and alot of it - now 13 years later, he's calmed down but my skin burns to be hurt during sex, my body screams to be tied up.............. He's created a beautiful masochist woman that he no longer can handle........... I feel sick , I need release and I have no one to give it to me ..............


i'm confessing :)


It feels like I'm always waiting for a moment. Endlessly. I'm never in the present, but instead have my head wandering through the past or worrying about the future. Always waiting for a moment that finally arrives and then is discarded in the search for a new one. Always in limbo waiting for a release. The release I do find isn't healthy. I binge and purge sometimes. I'm afraid it's going to get worse.


I really want to talk to this guy I went to school with, but I'm too scared. He's a nice guy, I don't think he'd be a total asshole if he rejected me. But I also didn't talk to him much in school and barely knew him. Any conversations we had were initiated by him and brief. I was scared back then too. This doesn't have to be hard. I can just follow him on twitter or instagram and hope for the best. If I was braver than I am, I could just message him already. But I'm a coward...

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I really want to make a move on my crush. At one point, several years ago, I thought he had feelings for me. I was too self conscious back then to think he could've liked me that way. But im more confident in myself and care less about the worst case scenario. So now I'm just trying to work up the nerve to make a move of some kind. I'm really just hoping a small miracle will happen and we'll see each other and he'll approach me.


I kind of wish I could forget the 4 year relationship I had didn't happen.


I can't wait to finally get a check for 50 dollars I'm supposed to be getting soon for selling some video games online. I was expecting to get it awhile ago. That money is probably going to pay for my phone's service for January. I literally can't afford to go without it much longer.